From x6tence always has liked to be self-critical and the more objective as far as possible. We are in December and it is time to do a review of everything that happened this year. Without a doubt, this 2015 has brought us huge successes and, why not say it, also disappointments. We understand that, as everything in life, there are clear and its dark. The ying and yang.

La Gaming House was an exciting project but not always the desired objectives are achieved. We are still proud of having been the first club in giving their players a place to perform to the maximum of their potential, and a unique experience. After the summer we understood that it was best to bet on foreign players and we started a project together until after Gamergy. We are enormously grateful to our players but the team has not worked as everyone had hoped. Thus, we communicate that after finishing the contract with these players club will not renew them, with the exception of the captain of the same Antonio “FlipiN” Rivas known by you all.

Say goodbye to Kairi, Neno, KGR and Tsack and you colour the best of luck in their careers now. No, agraceder to Recki as their work of these weeks, that thanks to him, have been able to compete in Gamergy accordance with foreigners of the professional video game League.

FlipiN, director of Counter – Strike
. We also want to communicate to FlipiN, hitherto captain, becomes director of counter-strike x6tence and around it will comply a team that is in line with our philosophy. From now on it will be the sports Chief of the section. It will be a hard job, but you know that we will never stop until you feel proud of us. As always you us now to reflect on the mistakes that we have made to try to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you all for the lovely, leagues, events, organizations, press…