April 3, gave starts the Battlenet Pro Ladder Season 7 of Warcraft III to define the players qualified for the regional finals in Asia, America and Europe. Three weeks later the leaderboard ended with the classification of x6tence | VortiX for the European regional finals of the 2009 Blizzcon.

Just 24 hours after announcing changes in Warcraft III team are pleased to announce the first success of the team. With just 15 years old, the younger brother of the saga Moreno gets classified among the six best players in Europe to attend the European finals of the 2009 Blizzcon where his brother and already ex-companero LucifroN, got an impressive third place which was to later become a world runner-up. It remains to be seen if it can be repeated one of the representative images of the success achieved by our players of Blizzard titles in the European finals with “small” variations.

x6 VortiXMessage from Vortix: It has finished a hard phase online, there have been moments for all. Some critical moments in which I even thought to give up because the classification saw almost impossible and other times, specifically the last four days of the qualifying, in which not lost any game and therefore I could relax a little. I face my first international tournament, in which I can measure with the best European players, including my own brother LucifroN, which I don’t put nothing easy things with great enthusiasm and hope to do it as best as possible.


The players attending the event have finished the following manera:VORTIX with the best in Europe:

1. España nGize.LucifroN
2. Holanda EG.Grubby
3. Reino Unido nGize.DeMusliM
4. Rumania NightEnD
5. Dinamarca nGize.ThomasG
6. España x6tence | VortiX