ebo esportsToday Tuesday April 21 want to officially confirm rumors circulating in yesterday for the websites: sioKR and was1, leave the team of counter-strike.

Adrian “sioKR” Rodr√≠guez – 2 years in club

can say that sioKR was the first professional signing in the history of the Spanish Counter-Strike when the club decided to disburse an economic pillar to liberate sioKR from the contract that bound him to his former club.

Thank you adri

always reminded us very much another great this Club (Drastyk) already has been severely questioned by good part of the community, criticism, from the club we have never understood because the delivery and demonstrated by sioKR level have been exemplary. Proof of this is that, despite the fact that in recent times the team has not paid as expected has been undisputed in the titular quintet. But everything has an end, and with his departure closes a major cycle of two years. Good luck and thank you for all adri.

siokr: Well, after almost two years have left this club where I’ve been very very good and bad moments. I just want to thank all of my former teammates all what have done me to live here; DRAs, flip, ribe, n1ce, wasi, furby, feldman. Angel, Sergio and Carlos, thank you for everything. This is not a farewell, is a later because I want to keep playing and sure that we turn to see the tournaments. Also want to thank Isabel and Sonia because it will cost me more see them but now I will pass through there and nothing, I wish the greatest of luck to this team and this club who has treated me as a true friend that is what I get for these two years, true friends that I hope that they last forever. A greeting and again thank you!

The signing of was1 by x6tence also dragged controversy, but another gauge. Some accused him of inet-hero, others low-yielding and some did not understand why a club as x6tence gambled on a young and unknown player. We believe that after a year in the team was1 has shown on its own merits that surplus has to play here and wherever, since their individual quality is beyond doubt. Their departure, therefore it is not obvious, is due to the circumstances that have been explained above, the team has decided to sign two players and they have had to produce two discards, painful, why not say it, but based on a new team structure. Good luck and thank you for all Jean.

was1: What team… well, I have to say goodbye and in the period of time that I’ve been, I’ve felt very comfortable with my teammates. I hope you do well and the decision taken by the club respect very much. Good luck team! : P

Flipin: It has been a great disappointment for us losing this edition of the pro series, not because we did not have an unbeatable opponent forward, but do not deploy our best game. 1st place I would like to congratulate Ledpc by victory in the final, and because thanks to them we have seen we were not doing things well entirely, a 2nd place for x6tence is a defeat, that’s something I learned from my early days in 2005.

We have decided to make 2 changes to our template and I’m honest with you when I say that it has not been for the bad results, we simply do not cuaj√°bamos as a team and we hoped not long enough on the other. I would have liked that this was the team all year but rectify is wise and I think that it is the best decision at this time. I would like to thank sioKR and was1 for effort and feel really this shield and this team, I can only say good things about these 2 players great companions, best people, if they had so much time on the computer is something and is going to miss, but it’s time to face with more abruptness situation and awakening of this long nightmare.

No I mean that these players have the blame for what happened because it would not be fair to anyone and would lie, just as I have said before, team not set and we have made the decision that they were that out.
We have never made excuses when it comes to lose a tournament, this will not be the first time, we are aware that we have lost by not knowing how to deal with a party of these features but still we have not said our last word and still have time to prepare the new team x6tence in this new season.

No more, tell you that we are going to restore old values lost long ago and that we are more motivated than ever to take away this bad streak over. The time x6tence Golden step long time ago and we cannot continue

Angel Beldad: Despite the improvement in the Kode5, after Saturday’s game confirmed our suspicions we had 5 great players but they do not cuajaban among them at the level that we all expect. After two years keeping a seated block (sioKR-r1bera-Flipin), we thought it timely to give a sudden blow of rudder to which we are accustomed getting two new players in the team. He also wanted to make it clear that the output has not occurred due to a lack of quality was1 or adri, that is beyond doubt, they simply had to get two players and two others had to exit.

Has been very difficult and thoughtful but finally the captain of the team in consensus with the sporty handling have decided to bet on Feldman and r1bera. I can only wish him best was1 and siokR, which I know that they will now be our rivals because apart from exceptional players, much remaining CS for still giving. Personally say thank you for all you have done here all this time and well, they already know what I think of them as people. They will always have open the doors of this House.

in a matter of hours we will make official the name of new players that will complete the template of the counter-strike team.