4124Today we are forced to say goodbye to a gamer that will mark a before and an after in the Spanish gaming. A 17-year player who has earned a place among the best players in the world of strategy: LucifroN.

Pedro Moreno, that so many good times has given the Club entered very young part of wc3 team, two years ago. Two years which has gained absolutely everything in Spain and has carved a well-deserved name beyond our borders. The reason for the March, is none other than his signing by the team of warcraftIII of nGize, where has started a professional career since the beginning of the year.

LucifroN along with his brothers, Ryo and VortiX

despite the irreplaceable vacuum that you leave, we wish you good luck in this new phase and to keep the upward trend that has drawn so far; We believe that will continue to make history.

Hasta siempre LucifroN, here you’ll always have a site.

In regards to the team, keeping the game and are totally confident in the performance of VortiX and Ryo, brothers of the own Luci. Because the team is formed by:

  • España x6tence | Diablo – Warcraft3 orga
  • España x6tence | Ryo_
  • España x6tence | VortiX

In conclusion a few words from the sports director and the own LucifroN, who wanted to say goodbye to all of you:

Well, today closes a stage that has been very important to me not only what to gaming is concerned, but also as a personal growth.

What about x6tence… always have complied with everything that I have promised, have always been there, supporting both online and in LAN, when things are going well and when they were not as well…

I can say that they have won the title of best team of e-Sports in the history of Spain; not only by level, but also by the treatment we have received all the players that we’ve been through here, not only with the “heads”, but also between the squads of the different teams, always supporting each other and striving to lead the Club to the highest possible.

Incredible superhuman effort you are doing Sergio, Angel and many other people within the club who work every day to remove, not only to the club forward, but also to make the e-Sports evolve in our country, so that little by little Spain begins to be a country which is more within the e-Sports, all are aware of the great effort that get esto implies and all I’d like to Spain to reach that level However very few are those who dare to try it really, and if today e-Sports exist in Spain and progressively evolve are, in large part, thanks to these two people.

And go running out (don’t me nothing good “billet posts” xD) would like to thank x6tence all the support that you have given me during this stage, they have always been there and is something that is appreciated a lot. I wish the club the best of luck and that they get all what they intend.

See you soon!


Sooner or later we knew that this could happen. It is not the first nor the second time that a foreign team is interested in our team, but this time it was impossible to keep Pedro. I hope that they care to Luci as it deserves, we know all that is a beautiful person and as a gamer I think that little I add I 🙂 Luci thank you for everything you have done for this club, a big hug.