World history

arena tournamentwhen we reviewed the results with teams from different continents statistics played less in our favour that in the case above but maintaining a position of first level already that the results in these tournaments have sNuestro Spanish World of Warcraft team is at the foot of the Canyon after the meritorious performance in the continental finals and Hanover Globales , and is that since a while ago are disputing the online tournament that will lead to the best in the world at Blizzcon 2009, probably the most prestigious tournament of WoW.

The tournament consisted of several ladders in which top teams were sorting through phases, up to this point. The 1000 best European teams will face 14 to April 21 and only 8 of them manage to pass a much-desired competition.

From left to right: FalcoN, Siler and Souler

for the time being, x6tence achieved 5th square, which places us among the 8 teams most likely to qualify for Blizzcon. We will be aware of how the parties are developed, they will be many hours of effort but sure that worth.

To then let the list with teams that are emerging as potential classified, since have been the first 8 in the last ladder: left:

4th ESL GC Leipzig
1st ESL GC Los Angeles
6th Blizzcon 2008 4th ESL GC Montreal.

Our team of WoW comes eager to the tournament after the TOP 4 in the ESL GC Montreal, Leipzig and victory in the been ESL GC the Angeles.han several months preparing to fund new combinations that will be used in the upcoming competitions. So far, here are their first test of fire and we are sure that will perform at the level that we are accustomed.

to the end only were able to reach the 4th in groups, tieing with Mousesports, but have we won in the last round, is:

1. Europa Mousesports 2.401 rating
2. Europa SK Gaming 2.362 rating
3. Europa eDawgs 2.351 rating
4. Europa BOMBERS 2.345 rating
5. España x6tence 2.340 rating
6. España 2.335 rating
7. Europa Unstable Bomb 2.332 rating
8. Europa Hex and the city 2.330 rating