Human Garden Online FinalThis weekend will take place at the Grand Final of the IV EPS after three months of dating online. x6tence and Ledpc will face off in an exciting BO3 which meet at the two best teams from Spain in this moment to define who will be the final winner of this Edition, which had €4,900 in prizes of € 15,000 global.

With this, will be the Fourth Edition followed in which our club participates being the only team that has participated in all editions of the EPS and classified for the finals the same LAN. Both teams have a title of champions, although Ledpc is the defending champion after winning the III Edition.
We inform you that, following various discussions among all the parties, the final will be played with the current alignments of each team in order to be able to make more interesting clash between the two best teams in the country.
Online regular phase ended with x6tence in second place with five wins and one loss with the following results:


España x6tence 16 : 07 UNIR POVEspaña


España x6tence 16 : 07 Alin9hiEspaña


España x6tence 11 : 16 LedpcEspaña


España x6tence 16 : 06 DjinnsEspaña


España x6tence 16 : 01 overGameEspaña


España x6tence 16 : 10 wtm-gamingEspaña